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Capturing video can often be trickier than most people want to deal with. Most people require expensive Non Linear editing applications in order to simply capture video from a camera or device.

Yet, the needs to capture video in suitable formats does not always have to be tethered to the editing experience. Anyone with a camera should be able to capture media to their hard drive with confidence.

Moreover, any editor is now free to have several capture stations. DV Capture Features: -Capture DV NTSC and DV PAL -You have Half Resolution VGA playback during preview and capture -You have deck control with transport buttons -You have Controls for single frame step forward or reverse -You can Previews Audio during captures -You can preview audio before you capture during the Audition process -You will get drop frame reports to let you know if your PC is keeping up.

-You can easily choose which directory the file goes to from the front panel UI-Your devices will be Auto recognized when you plug in. -You can connect to multiple 1394 devices simultaneously.

For instance, your PC can be connected to a Camcorder as well as a conversion box with 1394. DV Capture tool will auto detects and allows you to choose You can choose from a drop down menu, which connected 1394 device to use You can ?

hot connect` to any device while the PC is on and still remain stable -DV Capture supports 1394 Mini DV as well as Digital 8 devices -It allows you to choose between Type 1 and Type 2 audio for capture -An easy to read ?

Duration? window tells you the duration of each media clip you capture. -DV Capture allows you to capture very long clips DV Capture is for people with DV devices who:-Want to capture with professional quality on a secondary PC freeing up their edit system -Want to by pass the editing process and simply encode directly from the PC-make graphic arts over video who simply need to acquire media-have DV Camcorders and simply want to capture their videos to PC DV Capture will be sold direct to end users.

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